Vote Panel V2 L2OFF & L2J


L2OFF & L2JAVA Vote Panel v2 for Hopzone, L2Network, iTopz, L2Jbrasil, L2TopServers with top 3 player rewards that resets every week & winners history.

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L2OFF & L2JAVA Vote Panel v2 for Hopzone, L2Network, iTopz, L2JBrasil, L2TopServers topsites with top 3 individual rewards and total top 10 individual rewards that resets every week and keep history of winners.

Simple steps

1) Players click on the 5 banners and vote for your server

2) Player write his name in the input

3) Player select the topsite he voted from the dropdown selection

4) Player will press – Reward – button and they get items ingame


Detailed Information

  • Weekly winners reset every monday 00:00:00
  • Top 1 player can be rewarded with individual item, top 1 icon, larger reward item icon, can be disabled or enabled.
  • Top 2 player can be rewarded with individual item, top 2 icon, medium reward item icon, can be disabled or enabled.
  • Top 3 player can be rewarded with individual item, top 3 icon, small reward item icon, can be disabled or enabled.
  • Top 4-10 players can can be rewarded with same items, smaller reward item icon, can be disabled or enabled.
  • The top player list will show the players name, their times voted for this week, and the reward they will receive on reset.
  • There is a historical log for the weekly winners showing their name and their total votes for the current weekly win and the week they win.
  • There is also a Log of top 10 latest voters with their name, the topsite they voted for, and the date (not date-time on porpuse)

Technical Information

  • The panel will check the website API of each topsite, so the players must have vote registered.
  • The players are cached in json files to stress less the database.
  • Item icons are created in php dynamically.
  • Item icons will be downloaded from our server in yours if they not exist.
  • Every text displayed exist in config
  • Google recaptcha Invisible v3
  • The items go ingame through itemDelivery table for L2OFF and vote_holder for L2JAVA


  • Google recaptcha keys (recaptcha is a build in function)
  • Activation Key (Your purchase will provide you an activation key)
  • The activation key must be used to activate your URL (the key will be binded to the url of your choice)
  • IF Java: Server with source in order to install with Exception of Lucera (Included Donate.ext.jar)
  • Database connection with PDO pdo_sqlsrv l2off or pdo_mysql l2j
  • IF L2OFF: Enable item delivery
  • PHP 7.4+
  • MySQL 5.5+
  • HOST Memory limit 512M+
  • Webhost with a Cpanel
  • SSL Sertificate installed on your host
  • Curl, PDO, openssl, mysqli, ctype, gd, json extensions
  • Apache (not working on nginx)
  • Host must provide antivirus switch on/off due to obfuscation of the files
  • Knowledge of IP Bind for MySQL/MsSQL Database allowed connection
  • Knowledge of Database users (Create/Permissions)
  • PHP basic knowledge on how to modify config.php and connection.php
  • IF Java how to modify your source with a patch
  • WebHost or some LAMPP to your server to place the php files
  • Supports all chronicles it uses char_name of table characters
  • Hosting the files
    STRONGLY Recommended hosts for java servers (Free SSL)
    STRONGLY Recommended hosts for l2off servers & OVH have worked for some clients

Files included

  • Activation instructions file
  • Install SQL File for L2J and L2OFF
  • Support info file
  • Virus total report
  • Website files to upload
  • Java file to install (Currently adapted for aCis)
  • Item Delivery Manager

21-08-2022 Update

  • Added L2JBrasil Api Vote reward
  • Added L2TopServers Api Vote reward
  • Added a trick to allow designers change styles without clearing browser data.

23-08-2022 Update

  • Fix for L2JBrasil Api
  • Fix for L2TopServers Api
  • Fix Java SQL Query
  • Generated lucera vote.ext.jar and included in files
  • SQL Queries support older version of MySQL 5.5

24-08-2022 Update

  • Added multiple rewards for voting in all topsites
  • Rework Rest Api connections
  • Better way of getting the user’s ip behind proxy
  • Added configuration to disable topsites
  • Added custom message

25-01-2023 Update

  • Added bootstrap 5.3.0
  • Added jquery 3.5.1
  • Responsive design
  • Added Tooltips
  • Added effects on vote buttons
  • Time on top to inform users about their next vote is now in panel
  • Added Hotservers topsite
  • Changed info messages
  • Added error log
  • Added redirection method for some cases
  • Updated tables with bootstrap table classes
  • Updated SQL files for l2off and l2j
  • Reduced code 70% the script is now much faster
  • Ready for united item delivery method
    • Removed vote_holder
    • Introducing user_item_delivery instead (all denart panels will work with this in future)
    • including sources for lucera supports almost all projects
    • Table will contain data and where they come from (example: Donate, Vote, Referral)
    • Table will contain all info from payment (example: Paypal, Stripe) NOTE: Requires Donate Panel
    • Table will contain info from vote (example: Vote website)
    • Table will contain info from referral (example: Invited friend, Box reward from invitations) NOTE: Requires Referral Panel
    • Table will contain payment method, character info and reward id/count.

28-01-2023 Update

  • Removed individual classes for topsites
  • Added universal class for topsites (totally reworked)
  • Cleanup in logger function
  • Strict value check on topsite post request
  • Configuration for Steps show in center card
  • Tooltip for topsite banners, char input, topsite select, reward confirm.
  • Messages moved under step 2
  • DenArt Logo moved in end of the html code (was broken in mobiles)
  • Added menu under card 3 with the daily rewards
  • Corrected messages now show correctly
  • Fixed redirection issue
  • New messages SQL load Errors for account info, ip checks, and vote eligibility
  • New messages SQL read Errors for restriction
  • New message for SQL error on delivery rewards
  • New message show for invalid captcha
  • New messages for Database DSN connections
  • Full log for topsite requests
  • Upgraded topsite request connections
  • Topsite Rest API is now checked for header 200 “OK” and log errors
  • New Text instructions
  • Reworked messages removed lazy way and implemented the correct way
  • Updated style.css file

MD5	e04d87225bc824153f4f1d8557173540
SHA-1	efab574e8f824fc14293efd8ad8cc09bd1bf1417
SHA-256	593fcc13eb528c6093581e78e2d8cec125fa2222d0ed8ed6bc2d13c770be6d59
Vhash	cc641d429474fe50384ecc0a9920e12c
SSDEEP	98304:XvbomivnaVPn4UcIbwQ7cwj9ZyEQLGzv6RxhqKq7KnF8SK9o4MXhHYoZ7E:fbDmgnUOwst9IpLGzA+KIaO1B
TLSH	T1B2263360529B480889513FE8926E0C97128397DF85EFD3552AD250D6F9C8EB733B93E3
File type	ZIP
Magic	Zip archive data, at least v1.0 to extract
TrID	Mozilla Archive Format (gen) (58.3%)   ZIP compressed archive (33.3%)   PrintFox/Pagefox bitmap (640x800) (8.3%)
File size	4.41 MB (4619817 bytes)

The files are encoded, this means for some hosts might find them as virus, our partners in offer hosts with our files whitelisted.

If you wish in the future to buy another license to bind a new URL the price is 20€ contact nightwolf at discord

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  1. SevenSins

    bought it for my server (l2off) it works like charm!

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