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New fast, easy & secure as possible donation panel for your players.

DEMO: https://www.denart-designs.com/demo/Shop_2/ test/test

Payment in easy 5 steps:

  1. Login with his player username.
  2. Select the donation Paypal.
  3. Select the amount of payment.
  4. Pay.
  5. Automatically recieve the points in the panel and transfer while he is online!



  • Full SSL website (forced by htaccess)
  • XSS Protection just in case.
  • Remove vulnerability headers in htaccess level
  • Session Validation CSRF protection
  • COOKIE, POST, GET globals are sanitized
  • SQL Injection protection
  • Cookie and Request protection
  • Query String protetion
  • Prepared statements of PDO driver (no sql injection there)
  • Invis Google Captcha v3 to check for bots with score

SEO & Public management

  • SEO Friendly
  • Google Analytics Code ready.

Where we imply our name is showing config SERVER NAME or SERVER WEBSITE variables


  • Zip Content (faster load)
  • Memory save (unloading global vars)
  • organized code style


  • Payment method Paypal
  • After payment or cancel the user is redirected back.
  • Forget Password with email confirmation and time protection
  • Change Password with email confirmation
  • Register
  • Transfer Donation Points into game
  • Unlock character (no karma, no online) transfer all items in wh and tp to town
  • Easy adapt for all chronicles (all sqls strings located in sql.php)


  • MySQL (PDO Driver)
  • PHP 7.3+
  • 10.2.18-MariaDB


  • Paypal supports sandbox and live.
  • Log System for website and IPN’s, Transfers ingame and errors.
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Captcha v3 with score system (invisible without click)
  • PHPMailer 6.0.6


  • Website Title
  • Server Name
  • Show Google Captcha
  • Google Analytics Code
  • Use of sandbox in paypal
  • Sandbox/Live Emails
  • Currency Code Payment
  • Item ID/Name for donation
  • Unlimited Donate Prices
  • Database and Server Configs
  • Register minimum password requirement (default 4)
  • Required password numbers/letters (default false)

Files included

  • Website files
  • Java Files for your project in eclipse (aCis, L2JFrozen, Fandc so far asked and supported)
  • SQL Files

Instructions included

  1. How to add in game server task manager.
  2. Small example of code.


  • Java Server with source (in order to install)
  • PHP 5.6 or 7.3+
  • Cpanel
  • SSL (Needed for paypal)
  • Curl (sudo apt-get install curl) also needed for paypal
  • Apatche (tested on nginx if you can’t make it work contact us)
  • MySQL Database
  • Knowledge of Database users (Create/Permissions)
  • PHP basic knowledge on how to modify config.php
  • Java how to modify your source with a patch
  • Host or some LAMPP to your server to place the php files
  • Supports all chronicles with small change
  • No source required it can work with or without.


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