IF Java: Server with source in order to install with Exception of Lucera (Included Donate.ext.jar) IF L2OFF: Enable item delivery PHP 7.4+ Ram 512MB Minimum Webhost best if you got Cpanel SSL (Needed for paypal) Curl, PDO, openssl, mysqli, ctype, gd, json extensions Apache (not work on nginx) Host must provide antivirus switch on/off due

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Website Title, Description and Keywords for best SEO Server Name Contact Email Use session login Google Captcha V3 Keys Google Analytics Code Sandbox/Live mode using Paypal Test/Live mode using Stripe Currency Code for Payment Item ID and Name for donation item Unlimited Donate Prices and Donate rewards for all payment methods Enable or disable for

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Paypal and Stripe supports sandbox and live. Detailed and seperated Logs (ERROR, DEVELOPER, INFO, WARNING, PAYMENT) for website and Rest APIs. Detailed Log in database for Payments and services used. Google Analytics Google Captcha V3 Dynamic Icons to show according your Donate Item ID Multiple servers L2OFF or L2JAVA servers can be added together as

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Full SSL website (forced by htaccess) XSS Protection just in case. Remove vulnerability headers in htaccess level Session Validation COOKIE, POST, GET global inputs are sanitized SQL Injection protection Query String protetion Prepared statements of PDO driver (no sql injection there) Google Invisible Captcha v3

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